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SnapCenter Software 4.6
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REST APIs supported for Oracle database

Contributors netapp-soumikd

Oracle database uses REST APIs to perform the following operations:


  • Register the credential with SnapCenter Server

  • Retrieve credential registered with SnapCenter Server

  • Retrieve credential by name

  • Modify credential

  • Delete credential


  • Add host

  • Remove one or more hosts from SnapCenter

  • Retrieve a host by name


  • Installation of plug-ins on existing host

  • Upgrade plug-in


  • Create new policy

  • Retrieve policy by name

  • Modify policy

  • Delete policy

Resource Groups

  • Protect resource group

  • Modify protection

  • Remove protection

  • Create new resource group

  • Retrieve resource group by name

  • Modify resource group

  • Delete resource group


  • Discover databases

  • Configure database


  • Start a resource backup operation

  • Start a backup operation

  • Retrieve backups by name

  • Retrieve backups

  • Delete a backup by name


  • Restore a backup

Clone refresh

  • Create an Oracle Database clone specification from a specified backup

  • Display, modify, and delete clone specific file

  • Clone refresh


  • Assign resources to a user or a group

  • Unassign resources to a user or a group

Configuration settings

  • Retrieve and modify configuration settings