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SnapCenter Software 4.6
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Provision storage using PowerShell cmdlets

Contributors netapp-soumikd

If you do not want to use the SnapCenter GUI to perform host provisioning and space reclamation jobs, you can use the PowerShell cmdlets that are provided by SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows. You can use cmdlets directly or add them to scripts.

If you are running the cmdlets on a remote plug-in host, you must run the SnapCenter Open-SMConnection cmdlet to open a connection to the SnapCenter Server.

The information regarding the parameters that can be used with the cmdlet and their descriptions can be obtained by running Get-Help command_name. Alternatively, you can also refer to the SnapCenter Software Cmdlet Reference Guide.

If SnapCenter PowerShell cmdlets are broken due to removal of SnapDrive for Windows from the server, refer to SnapCenter cmdlets broken when SnapDrive for Windows is uninstalled.