Disabling unused SAS ports on the FC-to-SAS bridges

After making cabling changes to the bridge, you should disable any unused SAS ports on FC-to-SAS bridges to avoid health monitor alerts related to the unused ports.


  1. Disable unused SAS ports on the top FC-to-SAS bridge:
    1. Log in to the bridge CLI.
    2. Disable any unused ports.
      Note: If you have configured an ATTO 7500N bridge, then all of the SAS ports (A through D) are enabled by default, and you must disable the SAS ports that are not being used: SASPortDisable sas port

      If SAS ports A and B are used, then SAS ports C and D must be disabled. In the following example, the unused SAS ports C and D are disabled:

      Ready. *
      SASPortDisable C
      SAS Port C has been disabled.
      Ready. *
      SASPortDisable D
      SAS Port D has been disabled.
      Ready. *
    3. Save the bridge configuration: SaveConfiguration
      The following example shows that SAS ports C and D have been disabled. Note that the asterisk no longer appears, indicating that the configuration has been saved.
      Ready. *
  2. Repeat Step 1 on the bottom FC-to-SAS bridge.