Cabling the second bridge FC port when adding FibreBridge 7600N or 7500N bridges to a configuration

To provide multiple paths to the storage stacks, you can cable the second FC port on each FibreBridge 7600N or 7500N bridge when you have added the FibreBridge 7600N or 7500N bridge to your configuration.

Before you begin

The zoning must have been adjusted to provide zones for the second FC ports.


  1. Cable the FC2 port of the top bridge to the correct port on FC_switch_A_2.

  2. Cable the FC1 port of the bottom bridge to the correct port on FC_switch_A_1.

  3. Confirm connectivity to the bridge-connected disks: run local sysconfig -v
    The output shows the disks attached to the initiator ports on the controller, and identifies the shelves connected to the FC-to-SAS bridges:
    node_A_1> run local sysconfig -v
    NetApp Release 9.3.2X18: Sun Dec 13 01:23:24 PST 2015
    System ID: 0536872165 (node_A_1); partner ID: 0536872141 (node_B_1)
    System Serial Number: 940001025465 (node_A_1)
    System Rev: 70
    System Storage Configuration: Multi-Path HA<=== Configuration should be multi-path HA
    slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0g (QLogic 8324 rev. 2, N-port, <UP>)<=== Initiator port
    		Firmware rev:      7.5.0
    		Flash rev:         0.0.0
    		Host Port Id:      0x60100
    		FC Node Name:      5:00a:098201:bae312
    		FC Port Name:      5:00a:098201:bae312
    		SFP Vendor:        FINISAR CORP.
    		SFP Part Number:   FTLF8529P3BCVAN1
    		SFP Serial Number: URQ0R1R
    		SFP Capabilities:  4, 8 or 16 Gbit
    		Link Data Rate:    16 Gbit
    		Switch Port:       brcd6505-fcs40:1
      <List of disks visible to port>
    		 ID     Vendor   Model            FW    Size
    		brcd6505-fcs40:12.126L1527     : NETAPP   X302_HJUPI01TSSM NA04 847.5GB (1953525168 512B/sect)
    		brcd6505-fcs40:12.126L1528     : NETAPP   X302_HJUPI01TSSA NA02 847.5GB (1953525168 512B/sect)
    		<List of FC-to-SAS bridges visible to port>
    		FC-to-SAS Bridge:
    		brcd6505-fcs40:12.126L0        : ATTO     FibreBridge7500N A30H  FB7500N100104
    		brcd6505-fcs42:13.126L0        : ATTO     FibreBridge7500N A30H  FB7500N100104
      <List of storage shelves visible to port>
    		brcd6505-fcs40:12.shelf6: DS4243  Firmware rev. IOM3 A: 0200  IOM3 B: 0200
    		brcd6505-fcs40:12.shelf8: DS4243  Firmware rev. IOM3 A: 0200  IOM3 B: 0200