What can Flex Subscription customers view in Active IQ?

Contributors netapp-manini

If you have subscribed to NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription (Flex Subscription) services, you can view your usage reports and graphs on the Active IQ Digital Advisor dashboard.

For more information about Active IQ Digital Advisor, see Active IQ Digital Advisor documentation

If your site has NetApp Service Engine installed by default, you can view the consumption charts through the NetApp Service Engine interface in addition to Active IQ Digital Advisor. However, in a customer-managed environment, you do not have access to the NetApp Service Engine interface, and you can view your capacity charts and usage reports only through the Active IQ Digital Advisor dashboard.
For information about customer-managed environments, see Operational model, roles, and responsibilities

The interval of metrics data collection from your site is 5 minutes.

As a customer, if you have subscribed to the Flex Subscription services, you can view the following information on Active IQ Digital Advisor:

  • Keystone Flex Subscription widget: If you have logged in to Active IQ Digital Advisor, you can see the Keystone Flex Subscription widget that summarizes the capacity usage against your purchased Flex Subscription services.

  • If you click View Details on the widget, you can see the Keystone - Capacity Utilization dashboard. The Keystone - Capacity Utilization dashboard provides further break down and analysis of the capacity and usage data as per the services subscribed, for example, the service levels, data protection, and advanced data protection services. The dashboard also displays the consumed, committed, and burst capacity usage graphs for the last 1, 7, and 30 days, with the mean accrual burst calculated and split over your current billing period.