Flex Subscription service capacity definitions

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The NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription (Flex Subscription) service capacities include:

  • Logical capacity. Data placed into the Flex Subscription infrastructure by a customer:

    • All Flex Subscription capacities refer to a logical capacity.

      For example, if a 1 TiB file is stored on the Flex Subscription infrastructure, then at least 1 TiB of capacity must be purchased.

  • Committed capacity. Minimum logical capacity billed each month for the duration of the term:

    • Capacity is committed to each performance level.

    • Committed capacity cannot be decreased during the term.

    • Committed capacity and additional performance levels can be added during the term.

  • Burst capacity. Logical capacity, in excess of committed capacity:

    • Flex Subscription services provides 20% capacity in excess of the committed capacity.

    • Burst capacity can be consumed on an elastic basis and is charged on a daily, average-consumed basis.

    • Burst capacity up to 20% is charged at a same rate as the committed capacity.

    • Burst capacity greater than 20% of committed is charged at a premium rate. Contact support for any additional burst requirements greater than 20%.

  • Consumed/provisioned capacity. Sum of all configured volume sizes:

    • Capacity is provisioned through the creation, modification, deletion, or potential auto-growth of volumes.

    • Includes snapshots and clones.

    • The amount of data stored within provisioned capacity is not considered.

    • The amount of data actually written to disk is not considered.

  • Billed capacity. Monthly bill = (committed capacity [TiB] * committed rate [$/TiB]) + (daily average provisioned burst capacity [TiB] * burst rate [$/TiB]):

    • The monthly bill contains a minimum charge based on the committed capacity.

      The monthly bill varies beyond the minimum charge based on daily average burst capacity consumption.