Create an S3 key for a user

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Use this method to create an S3 key for a user.

Make sure that you capture the key immediately after it is created. There is no way to retrieve key details after it has been created.

  1. View the object storage user View object storage group and users.

  2. Make sure the correct subtenant is selected and you have clicked the Users tab.

  3. Locate the user in the list and click the key icon for that group.

    For details about working with items in lists, see List view actions.

  4. The Manage S3 Keys dialog box displays showing the list of keys for the user. For information about keys, see Specify permissions in a policy.

  5. If there are no existing keys for the user, click Create S3 Key to view the fields to create a key.

  6. If you want the key to expire, specify the expiry date and expiry time in UTC. Otherwise, leave the default values in these fields.

  7. To create the key, click the checkmark. The S3 Key Details dialog box is displayed showing the access key and the secret key.

  8. Copy both the access and secret keys in preparation for advising the user of the details.

    Make sure that you capture the key details before closing the S3 Key Details dialog box. After closed, the key details will be obscured and you will not be able to retrieve them.

  9. Click Close.

  10. Click Close again to close the Manage S3 Keys dialog.