Delete a file share

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This section describes how to delete a file share.


  • You cannot undo deletion of a share. After it is deleted, data cannot be recovered.

  • Deleting a primary file share will delete all associated backups

  1. View the Shares list.

  2. Locate the share in the list and click the Delete icon for that share. (For details about working with items in lists, see List view actions).

  3. In the Confirm Delete dialog box, enter the file share name to confirm that you want to delete the file share.

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  4. Click Confirm. This creates a job to delete the share.

After you finish

Delete share is run as an asynchronous job. You can:

  • Check the status of the job in the jobs list. For information about tracking jobs, see here.

  • After the job is finished, verify that the share has been removed from the Shares list.