Modify file server

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You can make the following changes to an existing server:

  1. Change the server name

  2. Make the server CIFS-enabled, and specify the Active Directory user name and password, Active Directory domain, DNS Server, Server name and optionally the Active Directory Organizational Unit. The Active Directory credentials must be for a user that has the privilege to join a computer to the Active Directory domain.

  3. Enable asynchronous disaster recovery DP by specifying a region or zone to replicate the server to.

Note If asynchronous disaster recovery is already enabled, it cannot be disabled. For more information, see Disaster recovery.
  1. View the File Servers list.

  2. Locate the server in the list and click the Edit icon for that server. (For details about working with items in lists, see List view actions).

  3. Make any changes as required; refer to Create a file server for field descriptions.

  4. Click Done. This creates a job to modify the server.

After you finish

Modify server is run as an asynchronous job. You can:

  • Check the status of the job in the jobs list. For information about tracking jobs, see here.

  • After the job is finished, check the status of the sever in the Servers list.