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SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere 5.0

Disable and enable SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere

Contributors netapp-jani

If you no longer need the SnapCenter data protection features, you must change the configuration of the SnapCenter VMware plug-in. For example, if you deployed the plug-in in a test environment, you might need to disable the SnapCenter features in that environment and enable them in a production environment.

Before you begin
  • You must have administrator privileges.

  • Make sure that no SnapCenter jobs are running.

About this task

When you disable the SnapCenter VMware plug-in, all resource groups are suspended and the plug-in is unregistered as an extension in vCenter.

When you enable the SnapCenter VMware plug-in, the plug-in is registered as an extension in vCenter, all resource groups are in production mode, and all schedules are enabled.

  1. Optional: Back up the SnapCenter VMware plug-in MySQL repository in case you want to restore it to a new virtual appliance.

  2. Log in to the SnapCenter VMware plug-in management GUI using the format https://<OVA-IP-address>:8080. Login with the admin username and password set at the time of deployment and the MFA token generated using the maintenance console.

    The IP of the SnapCenter VMware plug-in is displayed when you deploy the plug-in.

  3. Click Configuration in the left navigation pane, and then unselect the Service option in the Plug-in Details section to disable the plug-in.

  4. Confirm your choice.

    • If you only used the SnapCenter VMware plug-in to perform VM consistent backups

      The plug-in is disabled, and no further action is required.

    • If you used the SnapCenter VMware plug-in to perform application-consistent backups

      The plug-in is disabled and further cleanup is required.

      1. Log in to VMware vSphere.

      2. Power down the VM.

      3. In the left navigator screen, right-click the instance of the SnapCenter VMware plug-in (the name of the .ova file that was used when the virtual appliance was deployed) and select Delete from Disk.

      4. Log in to SnapCenter and remove the vSphere host.