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Oracle databases on ONTAP

Contributors jfsinmsp

ONTAP is designed for Oracle databases. For decades, ONTAP has been optimized for the unique demands of relational database I/O and multiple ONTAP features were created specifically to service the needs of Oracle databases and even at the request of Oracle Inc. itself.

Note This documentation replaces these previously published technical reports TR-3633: Oracle databases on ONTAP; TR-4591: Oracle data protection: Backup, recovery, replication; TR-4592: Oracle on MetroCluster; and TR-4534: Migration of Oracle Databases to NetApp Storage Systems

In addition to the many possible ways ONTAP brings value to your database environment, there is also a wide variety of user requirements, including database size, performance requirements, and data protection needs. Known deployments of NetApp storage include everything from a virtualized environment of approximately 6,000 databases running under VMware ESX to a single-instance data warehouse currently sized at 996TB and growing. As a result, there are few clear best practices for configuring an Oracle database on NetApp storage.

The requirements for operating an Oracle database on NetApp storage are addressed in two ways. First, when a clear best practice exists, it will be called out specifically. At a high level, many design considerations that must be addressed by architects of Oracle storage solutions based on their specific business requirements will be explained.