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How to enable StorageGRID in your environment

Create Cloud Storage Pool for Azure Blob Storage

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You can use a Cloud Storage Pool if you want to move StorageGRID objects to an external Azure container.

What you'll need
  • StorageGRID 11.6 has been configured.

  • You have already set up an external Azure container.

  1. In the Grid Manager, navigate to ILM > Storage Pools.

  2. In the Cloud Storage Pools section of the page, select Create.

    The Create Cloud Storage Pool pop-up appears.

  3. Enter a display name.

  4. Select Azure Blob Storage from the Provider Type drop-down list.

  5. Enter the URI for the S3 bucket to be used for the Cloud Storage Pool.

    Two formats are allowed:

  6. Enter the Azure container name.

    The name you specify must exactly match the Azure container name; otherwise, Cloud Storage Pool creation fails. You cannot change this value after the Cloud Storage Pool is saved.

  7. Optionally, enter the Azure container’s associated account name and account key for authentication.

  8. Select Do Not Verify Certificate from the drop-down.

  9. Click Save.

Expected result

Confirm that a Cloud Storage Pool has been created for Azure Blob Storage.

By Jonathan Wong