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TR-4926: SAP HANA on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP - Backup and recovery with SnapCenter


Nils Bauer, NetApp

This technical report provides best practices for SAP HANA data protection on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and NetApp SnapCenter. This document covers SnapCenter concepts, configuration recommendations, and operation workflows, including configuration, backup operations, and restore and recovery operations.

Companies today require continuous, uninterrupted availability for their SAP applications. They expect consistent performance levels in the face of ever-increasing volumes of data and the need for routine maintenance tasks, such as system backups. Performing backups of SAP databases is a critical task and can have a significant performance impact on the production SAP system.

Backup windows are shrinking while the amount of data to be backed up is increasing. Therefore, it is difficult to find a time when you can perform backups with minimal effect on business processes. The time needed to restore and recover SAP systems is a concern because downtime for SAP production and nonproduction systems must be minimized to reduce cost to the business.