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Disaster Recovery Testing


To implement an effective disaster recovery strategy, you must test the required workflow. Testing demonstrates whether the strategy works and whether the internal documentation is sufficient, and it also allows administrators to train on the required procedures.

ANF Cross-Region Replication enables disaster recovery testing without putting RTO and RPO at risk. Disaster recovery testing can be done without interrupting data replication.

The disaster recovery testing workflow leverages the ANF feature set to create new volumes based on existing Snapshot backups at the disaster recovery target. See How Azure NetApp Files snapshots work | Microsoft Docs.

Depending on whether log backup replication is part of the disaster recovery setup or not, the steps for disaster recovery are slightly different. This section describes the disaster recovery testing for data-backup-only replication as well as for data volume replication combined with log backup volume replication.

To perform disaster recovery testing, complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare the target host.

  2. Create new volumes based on Snapshot backups at the disaster recovery site.

  3. Mount the new volumes at the target host.

  4. Recover the HANA database.

    • Data volume recovery only.

    • Forward recovery using replicated log backups.

The following subsections describe these steps in detail.

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