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NetApp Solutions SAP

Requirements and best practices


Microsoft Azure does not guarantee the availability of a specific virtual machine (VM) type upon creation or when starting a deallocated VM. Specifically, in case of a region failure, many clients might require additional VMs at the disaster recovery region. It is therefore recommended to actively use a VM with the required size for disaster failover as a test or QA system at the disaster recovery region to have the required VM type allocated.

For cost optimization it makes sense to use an ANF capacity pool with a lower performance tier during normal operation. The data replication does not require high performance and could therefore use a capacity pool with a standard performance tier. For disaster recovery testing, or if a disaster failover is required, the volumes must be moved to a capacity pool with a high-performance tier.

If a second capacity pool is not an option, the replication target volumes should be configured based on capacity requirements and not on performance requirements during normal operations. The quota or the throughput (for manual QoS) can then be adapted for disaster recovery testing in the case of disaster failover.