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NetApp Solutions SAP

Lab setup


Solution validation has been performed with an SAP HANA single-host system. The Microsoft AzAcSnap Snapshot backup tool for ANF has been used to configure HANA application-consistent Snapshot backups. A daily data volume, hourly log backup, and shared volume replication were all configured. Disaster recover testing and failover was validated with a save point as well as with forward recovery operations.

The following software versions have been used in the lab setup:

  • Single host SAP HANA 2.0 SPS5 system with a single tenant

  • SUSE SLES for SAP 15 SP1

  • AzAcSnap 5.0

A single capacity pool with manual QoS has been configured at the DR site.

The following figure depicts the lab setup.

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Snapshot backup configuration with AzAcSnap

At the primary site, AzAcSnap was configured to create application-consistent Snapshot backups of the HANA system PR1. These Snapshot backups are available at the ANF data volume of the PR1 HANA system, and they are also registered in the SAP HANA backup catalog, as shown in the following two figures. Snapshot backups were scheduled for every 4 hours.

With the replication of the data volume using ANF Cross-Region Replication, these Snapshot backups are replicated to the disaster recovery site and can be used to recover the HANA database.

The following figure shows the Snapshot backups of the HANA data volume.

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The following figure shows the SAP HANA backup catalog.

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