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SAP HANA software installation


The following are requirements for software installation for SAP HANA.

Install on single-host system

The SAP HANA software installation does not require any additional preparation for a single-host system.

Install on multiple-host system

To install SAP HANA on a multiple-host system, complete the following steps:

  1. Using the SAP hdbclm installation tool, start the installation by running the following command at one of the worker hosts. Use the addhosts option to add the second worker (sapcc-hana-tst-07) and the standby host (sapcc-hana-tst-08).

    sapcc-hana-tst-06:/mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HDB_LCM_LINUX_X86_64 # ./hdblcm --action=install --addhosts=sapcc-hana-tst-07:role=worker,sapcc-hana-tst-08:role=standby
    SAP HANA Lifecycle Management - SAP HANA Database
    Scanning software locations...
    Detected components:
        SAP HANA AFL (incl.PAL,BFL,OFL) ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HDB_AFL_LINUX_X86_64/packages
        SAP HANA Database ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HDB_SERVER_LINUX_X86_64/server
        SAP HANA Database Client ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HDB_CLIENT_LINUX_X86_64/client
        SAP HANA Smart Data Access ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/SAP_HANA_SDA_20_LINUX_X86_64/packages
        SAP HANA Studio ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HDB_STUDIO_LINUX_X86_64/studio
        SAP HANA Local Secure Store ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HANA_LSS_24_LINUX_X86_64/packages
        SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_RT_10_LINUX_X86_64/packages
        SAP HANA EML AFL ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/HDB_EML_AFL_10_LINUX_X86_64/packages
        SAP HANA EPM-MDS ( in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/SAP_HANA_EPM-MDS_10/packages
        GUI for HALM for XSA (including product installer) Version 1 (1.014.1) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        XSAC FILEPROCESSOR 1.0 (1.000.85) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        SAP HANA tools for accessing catalog content, data preview, SQL console, etc. (2.012.20341) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSAC_HRTT_20/
        XS Messaging Service 1 (1.004.10) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        Develop and run portal services for customer apps on XSA (1.005.1) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        SAP Web IDE Web Client (4.005.1) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSAC_SAP_WEB_IDE_20/
        XS JOB SCHEDULER 1.0 (1.007.12) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        SAPUI5 FESV6 XSA 1 - SAPUI5 1.71 (1.071.25) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        SAPUI5 SERVICE BROKER XSA 1 - SAPUI5 Service Broker 1.0 (1.000.3) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
        XSA Cockpit 1 (1.001.17) in /mnt/sapcc-share/software/SAP/HANA2SP5-52/DATA_UNITS/XSA_CONTENT_10/
    SAP HANA Database version '' will be installed.
    Select additional components for installation:
      Index | Components | Description
      1     | all        | All components
      2     | server     | No additional components
      3     | client     | Install SAP HANA Database Client version
      4     | lss        | Install SAP HANA Local Secure Store version
      5     | studio     | Install SAP HANA Studio version
      6     | smartda    | Install SAP HANA Smart Data Access version
      7     | xs         | Install SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime version
      8     | afl        | Install SAP HANA AFL (incl.PAL,BFL,OFL) version
      9     | eml        | Install SAP HANA EML AFL version
      10    | epmmds     | Install SAP HANA EPM-MDS version
    Enter comma-separated list of the selected indices [3]: 2,3
    Enter Installation Path [/hana/shared]:
  2. Verify that the installation tool installed all selected components at all worker and standby hosts.