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Version history

Version Date Document version history

Version 1.0

July 2017

  • Initial release.

Version 1.1

September 2017

  • Added the section “Advanced Configuration and Tuning.”

  • Minor corrections.

Version 2.0

March 2018

  • Updates to cover SnapCenter 4.0:
    New data volume resource
    Improved Single File SnapRestore operation

Version 3.0

January 2020

  • Added the section “SnapCenter Concepts and Best Practices.”

  • Updates to cover SnapCenter 4.3:
    Automatic discovery
    Automated restore and recovery
    Support of HANA MDC multiple tenants
    Single-tenant restore operation

Version 3.1

July 2020

  • Minor updates and corrections:
    NFSv4 support with SnapCenter 4.3.1
    Configuration of SSL communication
    Central plug-in deployment for Linux on IBM Power

Version 3.2

November 2020

  • Added the required database user privileges for HANA 2.0 SPS5.

Version 3.3

May 2021

  • Updated the SSL hdbsql configuration section.

  • Added Linux LVM support.

Version 3.4

August 2021

  • Added the disable auto discovery configuration description.

Version 3.5

February 2022

  • Minor updates to cover SnapCenter 4.6 and auto discovery support for HANA System Replication-enabled HANA systems.