SnapCenter architecture


SnapCenter overview

SnapCenter is a unified, scalable platform for application-consistent data protection. SnapCenter provides centralized control and oversight, while delegating the ability for users to manage application-specific backup, restore, and clone jobs. With SnapCenter, database and storage administrators learn a single tool to manage backup, restore, and cloning operations for a variety of applications and databases. SnapCenter manages data across endpoints in the data fabric powered by NetApp. You can use SnapCenter to replicate data between on-premises environments; between on-premises environments and the cloud; and between private, hybrid, or public clouds.

SnapCenter components

SnapCenter includes the SnapCenter Server, the SnapCenter Plug-In Package for Windows, and the SnapCenter Plug-Ins Package for Linux. Each package contains plug-ins to SnapCenter for various applications and infrastructure components.

The SnapCenter custom plug-ins enable you to create your own plug-ins and protect your application using the same SnapCenter interface.

The following figure depicts SnapCenter components.

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