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Supported Azure Blob access tiers and regions

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Cloud Tiering supports the Hot access tier and most regions.

Supported Azure Blob access tiers

When you set up data tiering to Azure, Cloud Tiering automatically uses the Hot access tier for your inactive data.

Supported Azure regions

Cloud Tiering supports the following Azure regions.


  • South Africa North

Asia Pacific

  • Australia East

  • Australia Southeast

  • East Asia

  • Japan East

  • Japan West

  • Korea Central

  • Korea South

  • Southeast Asia


  • France Central

  • Germany Central

  • Germany Northeast

  • North Europe

  • UK South

  • UK West

  • West Europe

North America

  • Canada Central

  • Canada East

  • Central US

  • East US

  • East US 2

  • North Central US

  • South Central US

  • West US

  • West US 2

  • West Central US

South America

  • Brazil South