Deciding whether to use the Volume Disaster Recovery Preparation Express Guide

This guide describes how to quickly protect a source volume on a peered ONTAP cluster in preparation for disaster recovery. You should use this guide if you want to configure and monitor SnapMirror relationships between peered clusters for volume disaster recovery and do not need a lot of conceptual background for the tasks.

SnapMirror provides scheduled asynchronous, block-level data protection. SnapMirror replicates Snapshot copies and can replicate NAS or SAN volumes on which deduplication, data compression, or both are run, including volumes containing qtrees and LUNs. SnapMirror configuration information is stored in a database that ONTAP replicates to all the nodes in the cluster.

You should use this guide if you want to create SnapMirror relationships for volume-level disaster recovery in the following way:

If these assumptions are not correct for your situation, or if you want more conceptual background information, you should see the following resources: