Editing the general properties for CIFS

You can modify the general properties for CIFS, such as the default UNIX and Windows user by using System Manager. You can also enable or disable SMB signing for the CIFS server.


  1. Click the SVMs tab.
  2. Select the SVM, and then click Manage.
  3. Click the SVM Settings tab.
  4. In the Configuration tab, click Options.
  5. In the CIFS Options dialog box, modify the following CIFS server properties, as required:
    • UNIX user
    • Windows user
    • IP address
    • Enable or disable SMB signing

      Enabling SMB signing helps to ensure that the data is not compromised. However, you might encounter performance degradation in the form of increased CPU usage on both the clients and the server, although the network traffic remains the same. You can disable SMB signing on any of your Windows clients that do not require protection against replay attacks.

      For information about disabling SMB signing on Windows clients, see the Microsoft Windows documentation.

    • Enable or disable SMB 3.0 encryption
  6. Click either Save or Save and Close.