Running deduplication operations

You can use System Manager to run deduplication immediately after creating a volume, or to schedule deduplication to run at a specified time.

Before you begin

About this task

Deduplication is a background process that consumes system resources during the operation; therefore, it might affect other operations that are in progress. You must cancel deduplication before you can perform any other operation.


  1. Click Storage > Volumes.
  2. From the Volumes on SVM list, select All SVMs.
  3. Select the volume for which you want to run deduplication.
  4. Click More Actions > Storage Efficiency.
  5. If you are running deduplication on the volume for the first time, run deduplication on the entire volume data by selecting Scan Entire Volume in the Storage Efficiency dialog box.
  6. Click Start.
  7. View the last-run details of the deduplication operation in the Storage Efficiency tab of the Volumes window.