Creating FlexGroup volumes

You can use System Manager to create a FlexGroup volume by selecting specific aggregates or by selecting system-recommended aggregates.

About this task


  1. Click Storage > Volumes.
  2. Click Create > Create FlexGroup.
  3. In the Create FlexGroup Volume window, specify a name for the FlexGroup volume.
    By default, the aggregates are selected as per best practices.
    Note: If you want to select aggregates as per your requirement, click (advanced options).
  4. Specify a size for the FlexGroup volume.
  5. Enable the Encrypted button to enable encryption for the volume.
    This option is available only if you have enabled the Volume Encryption license and if the corresponding platform supports encryption.
  6. Optional: Click to specify the advanced options.
    1. In the General Details section, select the space reserve and security style, and then set the UNIX permission for the volume.
      When thin provisioning is enabled, space is allocated to the volume from the aggregate only when data is written to the volume.
      Note: For AFF (AFF) storage systems, thin provisioning is enabled by default and for other storage systems, thick provisioning is enabled by default.
    2. In Optimize space section, enable fractional reserve, and then grow or shrink the volume, as required.
    3. In the Storage Efficiency section, enable deduplication on the volume.
      System Manager uses the default deduplication schedule. If the specified volume size exceeds the limit that is required for running deduplication, the volume is created and deduplication is not enabled.

      For systems with All Flash Optimized personality, inline compression and the auto deduplication schedule is enabled by default.

    4. In the Quality of Service section, specify the policy group to control the input/output (I/O) performance of the FlexGroup volume.
    5. Click Apply to update the changes.
  7. In the Protection section, enable the Volume Protection option and select the Volume Relationship Type.
  8. Click Create to create the FlexGroup volume.