SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365

Browse backups


You can browse protected instances in recent backups or in all of your backups for Microsoft 365 Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Groups.

Note The default browse setting is Showing Last 5 days Backup. If you select 5 days, only items backed up in the last 5 days appear. You can change the time range as needed.

To be sure you find what you are looking for, check the date to the left of the time range dropdown menu.

image highlights date and count for a browse of a user mailbox

  1. In the Dashboard, select the service you want to browse for backups, and then select protected instances.

    Protected Exchange instances highlighted

  2. Select the account you want to browse.

  3. Select the time range for the backed up items you wish to browse.

    Image shows time range options for browsing backups

    Note View Backup History shows a calendar view of your backups. If you select View Backup History, and you select a date prior to the current day, this changes the time range for the backups you see. For example, if today is 8 October, you select 5 October in the calendar view, then you select to browse the last 5 days starting from 5 October, the items you can browse will be from 1-5 October.
  4. Click on the type of items you wish to view: Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Files, Contents, or other.

  5. Browse the backed up items.