Known problems and limitations

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  • The following limitation exists for both free trial and licensed users for all services:

    • A maximum of 10 restores are allowed in a 24-hour period.

  • The following limitation exists for OneDrive for Business:

    • Newly added drives are not detected until you manually complete a sync for the service.

  • The following limitations exist for the backup setting Enabled Advanced Search:

    • The feature is only available for Microsoft Exchange Online.

    • The setting is disabled by default. A customer must request to enable this feature.
      After the Enable Advanced Search setting is enabled, administrators must manually enable the search feature for individual users.

  • The following limitations exist for TeamsChat:

    • Backup or restore for emojis and gifs is not supported.

    • Due to API limitations, Saas Backup cannot differentiate between public and private channels in SaaS Backup.

    • High-level restore restores Mailbox & SharePoint data only, not conversations.

    • Team chat conversations only export option is Export to HTML.

      Attachment links posted in conversations are not visible in the html document.

  • The following limitations exist for OneNote:

    • Export to data is not available.

    • Incremental backup job might fail with the following error message: Partial Failure. Failed to back up few OneNote Sections

    • OneDrive backup includes the backup of .onebak files.

    • Restore statistics are not available for download.

  • Partially failed job status for restore of site collection group
    If an entire site collection group is deleted, the restore of private groups in the collection fails, resulting in a restore job status of “partially failed.” If this happens, the site is not accessible from the GUI.

  • The following are not supported for OneNote:

    • Data export

    • Data purge

  • “Partial Failure. Failed to back up few Onenote Sections”