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SnapManager for SAP

Configure email notification for a new profile


When you are creating a new profile, you can configure to receive an email notification on completion of the database operation.

What you'll need

  • You must configure the email address from which the alerts are sent.

  • You must use a comma-separated list for multiple email addresses.

    You must ensure that there is no space between the comma and the next email address.

  1. Enter the following command:

    smsap profile create -profile profile [-profile-password profile_password] -repository-dbname repo_service_name -host repo_host -port repo_port -login-username repo_username -database -dbname db_dbname -host db_host [-sid db_sid] [-login-username db_username -password db_password -port db_port] [-rman {-controlfile | {-login-username rman_username -password rman_password -tnsname rman_tnsname} } ] -osaccount osaccount -osgroup osgroup [-retain [-hourly [-count n] [-duration m]] [-daily [-count n] [-duration m]] [-weekly [-count n] [-duration m]] [-monthly [-count n] [-duration m]]] [-comment comment][-snapname-pattern pattern][-protect [-protection-policy policy_name ]][-notification [-success-email email_address1,email_address2 -subject subject_pattern] [-failure-email email_address1,email_address2 -subject subject_pattern]]

    Other options for this command are as follows:


    [-quiet | -verbose]

    Note SnapManager supports up to 1000 characters for email addresses.

    When you create a backup of data files and archive log files together using the profile (for creating separate archive log backups), and the data file backup creation fails, the email notification is sent with the data backup as the operation name instead of data backup and archive logs backup. When the data file and archive log file backup operation is successful, you see the output as follows:

    Profile Name    : PROF_31
    Operation Name 	: Data Backup and Archive Logs Backup
    Database SID   	: TENDB1
    Database Host 	 :
    Start Date 	    : Fri Sep 23 13:37:21 EDT 2011
    End Date 	      : Fri Sep 23 13:45:24 EDT 2011
    Status 	        : SUCCESS
    Error messages 	:

The following example displays the email notification configured while creating a new profile:

smsap profile create -profile sales1 -profile-password sales1 -repository -dbname repo2 -host -port 1521 -login -username oba5 -database -dbname DB1 -host -sid DB1 -osaccount oracle
-osgroup dba -notification -success -email -subject {profile}_{operation-name}_{db-sid}_{db-host}_{start-date}_{end-date}_{status}