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SnapManager for SAP

Split a clone on primary or secondary storage


You can use the clone split command to split the clone. After the clone split is complete, the clone metadata is removed from the repository database and the backup associated with the clone can be deleted or freed.

About this task

The new profile created after the successful split operation is used for managing the split clone. The new profile will be like any other existing profile in SnapManager. You can use this profile to perform backup, restore, and clone operations.

In addition, you can also configure email notification for the new profile. This enables the database administrator to be notified about the status of the database operation performed using the profile.

Note SnapManager supports the splitting operation when performed on a FlexClone only.

If the split operation fails, an appropriate error message with the reason for failure is displayed. The status of multiple operations is also displayed in the operation log. For example:

--[ INFO] The following operations were completed:
Clone Split : Success
Profile Create : Failed
Clone Detach : Success

You can optionally collect the dump files after a successful or failed clone split operation.

Note After you enter the clone split command, you should not stop the SnapManager server until the clone split operation has started.
Note SnapManager generates the profile even if you do not provide any value for the Oracle account (osaccount and osgroup).
  1. Enter the following command:

    smsap clone split -profile clone-profile -host hostname [-label clone-label | -id clone-id]-split-label split-operation-label -comment comment new-profile new-profile-name [-profile-password new-profile_password] -repository -dbname repo_service_name -host repo_host -port repo_port -login-username repo_username -database -dbname db_dbname -host db_host [-siddb_sid] [-login-username db_username -password db_password -port db_port] [-rman {-controlfile | {-login-username rman_username -password rman_password -tnsname rman_tnsname} } ] -osaccount osaccount -osgroup osgroup [-retain [-hourly-count n] [-duration m]] [-daily-count n] [-duration m]] [-weekly-count n] [-duration m]] [-monthly-count n] [-duration m]]] [-profile-comment profile-comment][-snapname-pattern pattern][-protect [-protection-policy policy_name]] | [-noprotect]][-summary-notification] [-notification [-success-email email_address1, email_address2 -subject subject_pattern] [-failure-email email_address1, email_address2 -subject subject_pattern]][-quiet | -verbose]-dump