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SnapManager for SAP

The smsap backup free command


You can run the backup free command to free the Snapshot copies of the backups without removing the backup metadata from the repository.


smsap backup free
-profile profile_name
[-label label [-data | -archivelogs] | [-id guid | -all]
[-dump] [-quiet | -verbose]


  • -profile profile_name

    Specifies the profile associated with the backup you want to free. The profile contains the identifier of the database and other database information.

  • -id guid

    Specifies the resources of the backup with the specified GUID. The GUID is generated by SnapManager when you create a backup. You can use the smsap backup list command to display the GUID for each backup. Include the -verbose option to display the backup IDs.

  • -label label

    Specifies the backup with the specified label.

  • -data

    Specifies the data files.

  • -archivelogs

    Specifies the archive log files.

  • -all

    Specifies all backups. To delete specified backups instead, use the -id or -label option.

  • -force

    Forces the removal of the Snapshot copies.

  • -quiet

    Displays only error messages in the console. The default is to display error and warning messages.

  • -verbose

    Displays error, warning, and informational messages in the console.


The following example frees the backup:

smsap backup free -profile SALES1 -label full_backup_sales_May
Operation Id [8abc01ec0e79004b010e79006da60001] succeeded.