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SnapManager for SAP

Protect archive log backups


While creating profiles, you can enable protection for the archive log backups based on the archive log protection policy.

  1. Enter the following command:

    smsap profile create -profile profile [-profile-password profile_password] -repository -dbname repo_dbname -host repo_host -port repo_port -login -username repo_username -database -dbname db_dbname -host db_host [-sid db_sid] [-login-username db_username -password db_password -port db_port] [-rman {-controlfile | {-login-username rman_username -password rman_password -tnsname rman_tnsname} } ] -osaccount osaccount -osgroup osgroup [-retain [-hourly [-count n] [-duration m]] [-daily [-count n] [-duration m]] [-weekly [-count n] [-duration m]] [-monthly [-count n] [-duration m]]] [-comment comment][-snapname-pattern pattern][-protect [-protection-policy policy_name]] [-summary-notification] [-notification [-success-email email_address1, email_address2 -subject subject_pattern] [-failure-email email_address1, email_address2 -subject subject_pattern]][-separate-archivelog-backups-retain-archivelog-backups-hours hours | -days days | -weeks weeks | -months months [-protect [-protection-policy policy_name] | -noprotect] [-include-with-online-backups | -no-include-with-online-backups]] [-dump]

    If…​ Then…​

    You want to backup archive log backups separately and protect the archive log files

    Specify the following options:

    • -separate-archivelog-backups enables you to separate the archive log files from the data files.

    • -protect assigns a separate protection policy for the archive log archive log backups.

    • -protection-policy assigns the protection policy for the archive log backups.