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SnapManager for SAP

Configure SnapDrive for UNIX for an active/active Veritas SFRAC environment


If you have included the host-cluster-sw-restore-warn parameter in snapdrive.conf and have assigned the value on, you must change the value to support the restore operation in the active/active Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC (SFRAC) environment.

When you are using the active/active Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC (SFRAC) environment, if the host-cluster-sw-restore-warn parameter is set to on, a warning message is displayed and the restore operation is stopped. If you want to perform the restore operation in an active/active Veritas SFRAC environment, you must set host-cluster-sw-restore-warn to off.

For information on snapdrive.conf, see SnapDrive documentation.

  1. Log in as the root user.

  2. Open the snapdrive.conf file by using a text editor.

  3. Change the value of host-cluster-sw-restore-warn to off.

After you finish

After configuring, restart the SnapDrive for UNIX server.

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