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SnapManager for SAP

Using BR*Tools with SnapManager for SAP


You can use SAP BR*Tools commands with SnapManager for SAP. BR*Tools is a SAP program package that contains SAP tools for Oracle database administration, for example, BRARCHIVE, BRBACKUP, BRCONNECT, BRRECOVER, BRRESTORE, BRSPACE, and BRTOOLS.

You can complete the following tasks related to using BR*Tools and SnapManager for SAP:

  • Disable client access to Snapshot copies

  • Specify the profile for BR*Tools backups

  • Create database backups using BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE

  • Schedule backups with SAP transaction DB13

  • Restore a database using BRRESTORE and BRRECOVER

  • Back up and restore files using BR*Tools

  • Restore a backup to a different host