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SnapManager for SAP

About control file and archive log file handling


SnapManager includes the control files and optionally includes archive log files with each backup. Archive log files are used for recovery operations.

The database uses control files to identify names, locations, and sizes of the database files. SnapManager includes control files in each backup because control files are used in the restore process.

The changes to a database are tracked by using the online redo logs, which are eventually archived and known as archived redo logs (or archive logs). SnapManager (3.2 or later) enables you to backup data files and archive log files separately with different retentions and frequencies. SnapManager can take backups of only the archive logs or combined backups of data files and archive logs. SnapManager provides complete automated management of archive logs, and does not require any manual intervention for database recovery and also allows pruning of archive logs from one or more archive log destinations after the backup is taken.

Note To see which tablespaces and data files are included in a backup, use the backup show command or the Backup Properties window.

The following table illustrates how SnapManager handles control and archive log files during each operation:

Type of operation Control files Archive log files


Included with each backup

Can be included with each backup


Can be restored either alone or along with the tablespaces or data files

Can be used for the recovery process