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SnapManager for SAP

Configure history for SnapManager operation


SnapManager for SAP enables you to maintain the history of SnapManager operation from the SnapManager CLI or GUI. You can view the history of the SnapManager operation as a report.

  1. To configure the history of SnapManager operation, enter the following command:

    smsap history set -profile {-name, profile_name [profile_name1, profile_name2] | -all -repository -login [-password repo_password] -username repo_username -dbname repo_dbname -host repo_host -port repo_port} -operation {-operations operation_name [-operation_name1, operation_name2] | -all} -retain {-count retain_count | -daily retain_daily | -weekly retain_weekly | -monthly retain_monthly} [-quiet | -verbose]

history set -profile -name PROFILE1 -operation -operations backup -retain -daily 6 -verbose
history set -profile -name PROFILE1 -operation -all -retain -weekly 3 -verbose