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SnapManager for SAP

Post rollback tasks


You must perform some additional steps after you rollback a repository database and downgrade the SnapManager host from SnapManager 3.2 to SnapManager 3.0, to view the schedules created in the earlier version of the repository database.

  1. Navigate to cd /opt/NetApp/smsap/repositories.

    The repositories directory might contain two files for each repository. The file name with the number sign (#) is created using SnapManager 3.1 or later and the file name with the hyphen (-) is created using the SnapManager 3.0.


    The file names might be as follows:

    • repository#SMSAP300a#SMSAPREPO1#

    • repository-smsap300a-smsaprepo1-

  2. Replace the number sign (#) in the file name with the hyphen (-).


    The file name that had the number sign (#), now contains hyphen (-): repository-SMSAP300a-SMSAPREPO1-