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SnapManager for SAP

Mounting a FlexClone volume fails in NFS environment


When SnapManager creates a FlexClone of a volume in an NFS environment, an entry is added in the /etc/exports file. The clone or backup fails to mount on a SnapManager host with an error message.

The error message is: 0001-034 Command error: mount failed: mount: filer1:/vol/SnapManager_20090914112850837_vol14 on /opt/NTAPsmsap/mnt/-ora_data02-20090914112850735_1 - WARNING unknown option "zone=vol14" nfs mount: filer1:/vol/SnapManager_20090914112850837_vol14: Permission denied.

At the same time, the following message is generated at the storage system console: Mon Sep 14 23:58:37 PDT [filer1: warning]: /etc/exports was not updated for vol14 when the vol clone create command was run. Please either manually update /etc/exports or copy /etc/ to it.

This message might not be captured in the AutoSupport messages.

Note You might encounter similar issues while cloning FlexVol volumes on NFS. You can follow the same steps to enable the option.

What to do

  1. Set the option on so that the /etc/exports file is updated automatically.

options on

Note In the HA pair configuration, ensure that you set the NFS exports option to on for both the storage systems.