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SnapManager for SAP

Scheduling database backups


SnapManager (3.2 or later) for SAP enables you to schedule database backups to occur on a regular basis during off-peak hours to maintain high performance. To schedule a backup, you can create a profile, which includes the database information and retention policy, and then set schedules for the backup.

Note You must schedule the backups as an administrator. If you try to schedule the backups as a non-existing user, SnapManager displays an error message: Invalid user: username: Cannot create schedule backup for a given user

The following are some of the schedule-related tasks:

  • Schedule a database backup to occur on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time basis.

  • View a list of scheduled backups associated with a profile.

  • Update a scheduled backup.

  • Suspend a schedule temporarily.

  • Resume the suspended schedule.

  • Delete a schedule.

Note The Run Now Menu Operation check box is disabled when a scheduled backup is running for that schedule.