Edit community names for SNMP traps

You can edit community names for SNMP traps, and also associate a different community name to an SNMP trap destination.

Before you begin

A community name must be created, consisting of only printable ASCII characters. The community name, which is a string that acts like a password for the network servers, is created by a network administrator.


  1. Select Settings > Alerts.
  2. Select the SNMP tab.
    The trap destinations and community names appear in the table.
  3. Edit community names as follows:
    • To edit a community name, select Configure Communities. Enter the new community name, and then click Save. Community names can consist of only printable ASCII characters.
    • To associate a community name to a new trap destination, select the community name from the table, and then click the Edit (pencil) icon on the far right. From the Community Name drop-down, select a new community name for an SNMP trap destination, and then click the Save (checkmark) icon.
      Note: If you want to cancel changes, select the Cancel (X) icon.


The SNMP tab of the Alerts page displays the updated communities.