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SANtricity 11.8

Change controller ownership of a volume

Contributors netapp-jolieg

You can change the preferred controller ownership of a volume, so that I/O for host applications is directed through the new path.

Before you begin

If you do not use a multipath driver, any host applications that are currently using the volume must be shut down. This action prevents application errors when the I/O path changes.

About this task

You can change controller ownership for one or more volumes in a pool or volume group.

  1. Select Storage  Volumes.

  2. Select any volume, and then select More  Change ownership.

    The Change Volume Ownership dialog box appears. All volumes on the storage array appear in this dialog box.

  3. Use the Preferred Owner drop-down list to change the preferred controller for each volume that you want to change, and confirm that you want to perform the operation.

  • System Manager changes the controller ownership of the volume. I/O to the volume is now directed through this I/O path.

  • The volume might not use the new I/O path until the multipath driver reconfigures to recognize the new path. This action usually takes less than five minutes.