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SAN hosts and cloud clients

Install AIX Host Utilities 6.1

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The AIX Unified Host Utilities assists you to manage NetApp ONTAP storage attached to an AIX host.

AIX Host Utilities support the following protocols:

  • FC

  • FCoE

  • iSCSI

AIX Host Utilities support the following environments:

  • AIX MPIO (Native OS)

  • PowerVM

    For more information about PowerVM, see the IBM PowerVM Live Partition Mobility Red Book.

What you’ll need
  • For reliable operation, verify that your entire iSCSI, FC, or FCoE configuration is supported.

    You can use the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool to verify your configuration.

  • Dynamic tracking must be enabled for all FC and FCoE initiators.

Note The NetApp AIX Host Utilities software package is available on the NetApp Support Site in a compressed tar.gz file. You must install the AIX Host Utilities kit while using AIX MPIO with NetApp ONTAP Storage.
  1. Log in to your host.

    • On an AIX host, log in as root.

    • On a PowerVM host, log in as padmin, and then enter the oem_setup_env command to become root.

  2. Go to the NetApp Support Site and download the compressed file containing the Host Utilities to a directory on your host.

  3. Go to the directory containing the download.

  4. Decompress the file and extract the SAN toolkit software package.

    tar -xvf ntap_aix_host_utilities_6.1.tar.gz

    The following directory is created when you decompress the file: ntap_aix_host_utilities_6.1. This directory will have one of the following subdirectories: MPIO, NON_MPIO, or SAN_Tool_Kit.

  5. Install the AIX MPIO:

    installp -aXYd /var/tmp/ntap_aix_host_utilities_6.1/MPIO NetApp.MPIO_Host_Utilities_Kit

  6. Install the SAN toolkit:

    installp -aXYd /var/tmp/ntap_aix_host_utilities_6.1/SAN_Tool_Kit NetApp.SAN_toolkit

  7. Reboot the host.

  8. Verify the installation:

    `sanlun version`

SAN Toolkit

AIX Host Utilities is a NetApp host software that provides a command line toolkit on your IBM AIX host. The toolkit is installed when you install the NetApp Host Utilities package. This kit provides the sanlun utility, which helps you manage LUNs and host bus adapters (HBAs). The sanlun command returns information about the LUNs mapped to your host, multipathing, and information necessary to create initiator groups.


In the following example, the sanlun lun show command returns the LUN information.

#sanlun lun show all

Example output

controller(7mode)/ device host lun

vserver(Cmode) lun-pathname filename adapter protocol size mode
data_vserver   /vol/vol1/lun1 hdisk0 fcs0    FCP      60g C
data_vserver   /vol/vol2/lun2 hdisk0 fcs0    FCP      20g C
data_vserver   /vol/vol3/lun3 hdisk11 fcs0   FCP      20g C
data_vserver   /vol/vol4/lun4 hdisk14 fcs0   FCP      20g C
Note This toolkit is common across all Host Utilities configurations and protocols. As a result, some of its contents apply to one configuration, but not another. Having unused components does not affect your system performance. The SAN toolkit is supported on AIX and PowerVM/VIOS OS versions.