Obtaining ONTAP software images

Beginning in ONTAP 9.4, you can copy the ONTAP software image from the NetApp Support Site to a local folder. This only applies to ONTAP 9.4 patch updates. For upgrades from ONTAP 9.3 or earlier, you must copy the ONTAP software image to an HTTP or FTP server on your network.

About this task

To upgrade the cluster to the target release of ONTAP, you require access to software images. Software images, firmware version information, and the latest firmware for your platform model are available on the NetApp Support Site. You should note the following important information:


  1. Locate the target ONTAP software in the Software Downloads area of the NetApp Support Site.
  2. Copy the software image (for example, 94_q_image.tgz) from the NetApp Support Site to the directory on the HTTP or FTP server from which the image will be served, or for ONTAP 9.4 patch updates, to a local folder.