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System Manager Classic

Restore data from a SnapVault backup

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After selecting the SnapVault backup destination volume, you must perform the restore operation either to a new volume to test the backed-up data or to an existing volume to restore the lost or corrupted data.

About this task

You must perform this task from the destination cluster.

  1. Depending on the System Manager version that you are running, perform one of the following steps:

    • ONTAP 9.4 or earlier: Click Protection > Relationships.

    • Beginning with ONTAP 9.5: Click Protection > Volume Relationships.

  2. Select the SVM that contains the SnapVault backup destination volume, and then click Operations > Restore.

  3. In the Restore dialog box, restore the data to the original source volume or a new volume:

    If you want to restore to…​ Then…​

    The original source volume

    Select Source volume.

    A new volume

    1. Select Other volume.

    2. Select the peered cluster and the peered SVM for the volume.

    3. Select a peered SVM from the list.

    4. If the SVM is not peered, create the SVM peer relationship:

      1. Select the SVM.

      2. Click Authenticate.

      3. Enter the cluster administrator's credentials of the peered cluster, and then click Create.

    5. Select New Volume.

    6. If you want to change the default name, displayed in the format destination_SVM_name_destination_volume_name_restore, specify a new name and select the containing aggregate for the volume.

    7. Select the Enable dedupe check box.

    Selecting the volume to restore

  4. Select either the latest Snapshot copy or select a specific Snapshot copy that you want to restore.

  5. Select the OK to restore the volume from the Snapshot copy check box.

  6. Select the Enable Network Compression check box to compress the data that is being transferred during the restore operation.

  7. Click Restore.

    During the restore process, the volume being restored is changed to read-only. After the restore operation finishes, the temporary relationship is removed and the restored volume is changed to read/write.

    Result of volume restore operation
  8. Click OK in the message box.