Add SSDs to an SSD storage pool


When you add solid state drives (SSDs) to an SSD storage pool, you increase the storage pool’s physical and usable sizes and allocation unit size. The larger allocation unit size also affects allocation units that have already been allocated to Flash Pool aggregates.

What you’ll need

You must have determined that this operation will not cause you to exceed the cache limit for your HA pair. ONTAP does not prevent you from exceeding the cache limit when you add SSDs to an SSD storage pool, and doing so can render the newly added storage capacity unavailable for use.

About this task

When you add SSDs to an existing SSD storage pool, the SSDs must be owned by one node or the other of the same HA pair that already owned the existing SSDs in the storage pool. You can add SSDs that are owned by either node of the HA pair.

The SSD you add to the storage pool must be the same size as disk currently used in the storage pool.

  1. Optional: View the current allocation unit size and available storage for the storage pool:

    storage pool show -instance sp_name

  2. Find available SSDs:

    storage disk show -container-type spare -type SSD

  3. Add the SSDs to the storage pool:

    storage pool add -storage-pool sp_name -disk-list disk1,disk2…

    The system displays which Flash Pool aggregates will have their size increased by this operation and by how much, and prompts you to confirm the operation.