Enable anti-ransomware by default in new volumes


You can configure storage VMs such that new volumes are enabled by default for anti-ransomware in learning mode.

What you’ll need
  • The Multi-tenant Encryption Key Management (MT_EK_MGMT) license installed from the security and compliance bundle.

About this task

New volumes are created by default with anti-ransomware in disabled mode, but you can change this setting in System Manager and at the CLI. Volumes enabled by default are set to anti-ransomware in learning mode.

System Manager procedure

  1. Click Storage > Storage VMs and then select the storage VM for default anti-virus.

  2. In the Settings tab, [in the Security section], click pen icon in the Anti-ransomware box, then check the box to enable anti-ransomware for NAS volumes.

CLI procedure

  1. Modify an existing SVM to enable anti-ransomware by default in new volumes:
    vserver modify -vserver svm_name -anti-ransomware-default-volume-state dry-run

    At the CLI, you can also create a new SVM with anti-ransomware enabled by default for new volumes.
    vserver create -vserver svm_name -anti-ransomware-default-volume-state dry-run [other parameters as needed]