Pre-revert checks


Depending on your environment, you need to consider certain factors before revert. Get started by reviewing the table below to see what special considerations you need to consider.

Ask yourself…​ If your answer is yes, then do this…​

Is my cluster running SnapMirror?

Is my cluster running SnapLock?

Set autocommit periods

Do I have Split FlexClone volumes?

Reverse physical block sharing

Do I have FlexGroup volumes?

Disable qtree functionality

Do I have CIFS servers in workgroup mode?

Move or delete CIFS servers in workgroup mode

Do I have deduplicated volumes?

Verify volume contains enough free space

Do I have a 2 or 4-node MetroCluster configuration?

Disable automatic unplanned switchover

Do I have Snapshot copies?

Prepare Snapshop copies

Am I reverting to ONTAP 8.3.x?

Identify user accounts that use SHA-2 hash function