Enable and disable NFS and SMB client access to Snapshot copy directory

Contributors netapp-lenida

To determine whether the Snapshot copy directory is visible to NFS and SMB clients to restore a file or LUN from a Snapshot copy, you can enable and disable access to the Snapshot copy directory using the -snapdir-access option of the volume modify command.

  1. Check the Snapshot directory access status:

    `volume show -vserver _SVM_name_ -volume _vol_name_ -fields snapdir-access`


    clus1::> volume show -vserver vs0 -volume vol1 -fields snapdir-access
    vserver volume snapdir-access
    ------- ------ --------------
    vs0     vol1   false
  2. Enable or disable the Snapshot copy directory access:

    volume modify -volume vol_name -snapdir-access true|false

    The following example enables Snapshot copy directory access on vol1:

    clus1::> volume modify -volume vol1 -snapdir-access true
    Volume modify successful on volume vol1 of Vserver vs0.