Converting FlexVol volumes to FlexGroup volumes overview


If you want to expand a FlexVol volume beyond its space limit, you can convert the FlexVol volume to a FlexGroup volume. Starting with ONTAP 9.7, you can convert standalone FlexVol volumes or FlexVol volumes that are in a SnapMirror relationship to FlexGroup volumes.

Considerations for converting FlexVol volumes to FlexGroup volumes

You should be aware of the features and operations that are supported before you decide to convert FlexVol volumes to FlexGroup volumes.

Operations not supported during conversion

The following operations are not allowed when volume conversion is in progress:

  • Volume move

  • Aggregate autobalance

  • Aggregate relocation

  • Planned takeover and giveback in a high-availability configuration

  • Manual and automatic giveback in an high-availability configuration

  • Cluster upgrade and revert

  • FlexClone volume split

  • Volume rehost

  • Volume modify and autosize

  • Volume rename

  • Attaching an object store to an aggregate

  • Negotiated switchover in MetroCluster configuration

  • SnapMirror operations

  • Restoring from a Snapshot copy

  • Quota operations

  • Storage efficiency operations

You can perform these operations on the FlexGroup volume after successful conversion.

Configurations that are not supported with FlexGroup volumes

  • Offline or restricted volume

  • SVM root volume

  • SnapLock volumes

  • SAN

  • SMB 1.0

  • NVMe namespaces

  • Remote Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)