NAS overview

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ONTAP enables you to serve data to Linux and Windows clients simply, securely, and efficiently.

ONTAP System Manager supports workflows for:

  • Initial configuration of clusters that you intend to use for NAS file services.

  • Additional volume provisioning for changing storage needs.

  • Configuration and maintenance for industry-standard authentication and security facilities.

Using ONTAP System Manager, you can manage NAS services at the component level:

  • Protocols – NFS, SMB/CIFS, or both (NAS multiprotocol)

  • Name services – DNS, LDAP, and NIS

  • Name service switch

  • Kerberos security

  • Exports and shares

  • Qtrees

  • Name mapping of users and groups

If you need to learn more about ONTAP NAS features, you can review the Concepts guide and Provisioning for NAS protocols section in the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center.