Halt or reboot a node without initiating takeover in a two-node cluster

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In a two-node cluster, cluster high availability (HA) ensures that the failure of one node does not disable the cluster. If you halt or reboot a node in a two-node cluster without takeover by using the -inhibit-takeover parameter set to true, both nodes will stop serving data unless you change specific configuration settings.

Before a node in a cluster configured for cluster HA is rebooted or halted using the -inhibit-takeover true parameter, you must first disable cluster HA and then assign epsilon to the node that you want to remain online.

Halt or reboot a node
  1. Disable cluster HA:
    cluster ha modify -configured false
    Note that this operation does not disable storage failover.

  2. Because disabling cluster HA automatically assigns epsilon to one of the two nodes, you must determine which node holds it, and if necessary, reassign it to the node that you wish to remain online.

    1. Set the privilege level to advanced:
      set -privilege advanced
      Confirm when prompted to continue into advanced mode. The advanced mode prompt appears (*>).

    2. Determine which node holds epsilon by using the following command:
      cluster show
      In the following example, Node1 holds epsilon:

      cluster::*> cluster show
      Node         Health  Eligibility   Epsilon
      ------------ ------- ------------  ------------
      Node1        true    true          true
      Node2        true    true          false

      If the node you wish to halt or reboot does not hold epsilon, proceed to step 3.

    3. If the node you wish to halt or reboot holds epsilon, you must remove it from the node:
      cluster modify -node Node1 -epsilon false
      At this point, neither node holds epsilon.

    4. Assign epsilon to the node that you wish to remain online (in this example, Node2):
      cluster modify -node Node2 -epsilon true

  3. Halt or reboot and inhibit takeover of the node that does not hold epsilon (in this example, Node2) by using either of the following commands as appropriate:
    system node halt -node Node2 -inhibit-takeover true
    system node reboot -node Node2 -inhibit-takeover true

  4. After the halted or rebooted node is back online, you must enable cluster HA by using the following command:
    cluster ha modify -configured true
    Enabling cluster HA automatically removes epsilon from both nodes.

  5. Return to the admin privilege level:
    set -privilege admin