Search, filter, and sort any object or operation

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You can search for various actions and objects in System Manager. Then, you can sort and filter the results.

For better results, perform searching, filtering, and sorting one minute after logging in and five minutes after creating, modifying, or deleting an object.


At the top of each page in System Manager, you can use a global search field to search various objects and actions in the interface. For example, you can search for different objects by name, pages available in the navigator column (on the left side), various action items, like "Add Volume" or "Add License", and links to external help topics.

The search is not case-sensitive. You can enter a variety of text strings to find the page, actions, or topics you need. Up to 20 results are listed. If more results are found, you can click Show more to view all results. The following examples describe typical searches:

Type of search Sample search string Sample search results

By object name


vol_lun_dest on storage VM: svm0 (Volume)
/vol/vol…est1/lun on storage VM: svm0 (LUN)
svm0:vol_lun_dest1 role: Destination (Relationship)

By location in interface


Add Volume (Action)
Protection – Overview (Page)
Recover deleted volume (Help)

By actions


Add Volume (Action)
Network – Overview (Page)
Expand volumes and LUNs (Help)

By help content


Storage – Overview (Page)
SAN overview (Help)
Provision SAN storage for databases (Help)


You can narrow the results with filters, as shown in the following examples:

Filter Syntax Sample search string

By object type



By object size



By broken disks

“broken disk” or “unhealthy disk”

unhealthy disk

By network interface

<IP address>


When you view all the search results, they are sorted alphabetically. You can sort the results by clicking filtering menu and selecting how you want to sort the results.